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Portfolio Management Research Paper


IJPAM is a scholarly journal whose objective is to contribute to PM as a distinct scientific field of economics and finance. Moreover, it aims at cultivating and fostering the generic idea of PM.

IJPAM intends to act as a forum and to establish a platform for academic researchers and industry practitioners in the PM field. Its objectives are to establish an effective channel of communication between all people involved in the underlying research area and to promote and coordinate relevant developments and innovative research initiatives.

It will:

  • Raise awareness of importance regarding the gravity of the PM research field
  • Focus on excellence in developing PM methodologies, models and techniques to deal with major economic and financial decision making problems
  • Provide insights relative to the latest PM developments, and
  • Offer a networking forum for academic researchers and industry practitioners


IJPAM shapes its content from the research needs of a wide-ranging but tightly focused set of groups that are actively involved in advancing the fields of PM. These groups include academic researchers active within the areas of economics and finance. Contributions from industry practitioners and professionals such as financial analysts, investment consultants, portfolio managers and financial engineers are also welcome.


IJPAM publishes high quality empirical, theoretical and survey research pieces that contribute significantly and provide meaningful insights in the field of PM. Priority is given to articles that reveal novel concepts of broad interest to the research community of finance. Contributions may be by submission or invitation. Suggestions for Special Issues that address specific and well-defined relevant topics are welcome.

IJPAM hosts all of the basic methodological streams of PM. It focuses on papers presenting new theoretical insights and developments, as well as real-world case studies illustrating the implementation of PM approaches in financial practice. Papers exploring the interactions of PM with other relevant disciplines such as information technology, computer science, decision support systems and artificial intelligence are of particular interest. Research papers from eminent scientists reviewing the existing state-of-the-art are also welcome.



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