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Photo Essay Titles For The Great

The Role of Titles will always be an important factor of any particular art to be recognized and to be remembered forever. It remains an identity for any form of art and to choose a Prime title should definitely be a challenging task for any creator. One should start to think, ” I have created something, then how do i name it?” Answering to this question, this article should create great ease and open up your senses in naming an art form or at least your puppy.

Ok, since we have decided to name our pictures, so how do we choose a title to them, a title which would be appealing, sharp, easily understood, and perfect to relate with the art?

To Start with your titles should always compliment the picture, narrating the nature of the image, loosening the complications if it had, & making the viewer understand it even better. It should give a hint to those surprises or the illogical nature of the image. Our Titles or Names, should create a sense of compulsion for the creator to do so, we name everything say starting from our kids to pets, and i feel the same should stick to the art form too. There should be an additional context to what has already been done by the picture.

To get better understanding, we can divide the ways to title the Picture in three categories,

Straight to the Context

Try to get the words describing exactly what the picture tries to convey, no twitching or turning just one single apt title, for the viewer to understand the scene and the contrasts within. Your title can be a description of the scene, the verb inside, or just the name of the subject, but with your ability of adding a “Beauty note” to it. Choosing these kind of titles should be easier and straight forward.

Love you, Mom!

Photo Credit : Klaus Wiese

Echoes of the unknown

Photo Credit :Jorge Maia

Dragon Tree

Photo Credit : Jeremy Cram

A Handful of Happiness (First steps)

Photo Credit : Silvia S


Photo Credit : Mohammed Baqer

No Smile

Photo Credit : Dennis Bautista


Photo Credit : Beata Rydén

The Mood in words

Those Ambitious Titles, translating the mood of the picture into definite words, Strong and Sharp! It has to dramatize the moment, make one feel the joy or pain, the belief or disgust through your words of title. It can even be a dialogue between the subjects inside the frame, the voice of their inner soul, those hardly uttered words of silence, their thoughts or dreams. Your Title should interpret these into words for the people to understand and connect with the picture.

Alone in the Storm

Photo Credit : Carlos Gotay

She’ll Be Back

Photo Credit : Bob Gala


Photo Credit : EwanBrise TomFarbe

I’m not afraid

Photo Credit : Marco Barchesi

Silent Melody

Photo Credit : Artur Saribekyan

Rush Hour

Photo Credit : Caras Ionut

Life is beautiful

Photo Credit : Alena Root

Being Creative

As the wisest would say, its easy to list out the steps to be creative rather than being creative itself. Being Creative is an art of self realization, its about listening to your inner-self.  Slowly but Steadily it starts becoming a habit and then a characteristic for yourself. When coming to get titles with a pinch of creativity, one has to think the odd way of choosing words wisely and carefully. Often these titles are crisp and pointed like an arrow, instantly catchy and reachable. A Creative title would strongly make raise eyebrows or at least a smile onto the faces of the viewer’s.

The Clue

Photo Credit : Hengki Lee

In Rainbows

Photo Credit : Super Pipo


Photo Credit : Ari Johannesson

A Mermaid

Photo Credit : Super Pipo


Photo Credit : Fabian Roth

All Around Me

Photo Credit : Super Pipo


Photo Credit : Adam Dimech


Start practicing this art of naming and titling your images, since it is really necessary to name them. Rather than trying hard for people to explain the characters inside the Picture just let them call by the Picture Name.

All images displayed are protected by copyright. Their reproduction, even in part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.

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