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Rapidbizapps Assignment Management

Assignment Management

The Assignment Management framework we provide to manage your Global Mobility programme will be set up to meet the exact needs of your business, giving you peace of mind, expert advice and consultative support whenever and wherever you might need it.

Our Consultants project-manage every assignment as a single point of coordination from pre-assessment right through to repatriation, so your relocating employees have executive support from somebody that knows their case, their circumstances and their preferences inside out.

What you can expect from Sterling’s Assignment Management service:

  • Clear and comprehensive policy briefings for your assignees and their family, with a review of their allowances, helping to set expectations from day one.
  • True partnership with your Global Mobility teams to forecast assignment costs, support the delivery of all associated services and coordinate any third party providers involved in your programme.
  • Quality assurance, managing assignee feedback and exceptions to policy.
  • Proactive communication with your assignees, to ensure that their on-going global mobility needs are being met.
  • Insight and advice, reviewing your programme and analysing trends to address any developing requirements or changes to ensure continuous success

Additional support includes Cost Projections, Balance Sheet Preparation, Assignment Letter design and creation, payroll coordination and more.

For more information about our Assignment Management service, or any other services including Expense Management, Policy Consultation and Moving Services, contact Sterling today.

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Digitalization of Short Interval Control (SIC)

Companies across the industry have benefited from shifting traditional methods of paper-based data collection to mobile-based data collection. This is what they call, the digitalization of information.

Collecting information using a mobile device opened up a new world of possibilities for many companies. By harnessing data that is now available digitally, the management gains the intelligence to pursue new goals in a more strategic, data oriented framework.

Successful application of SIC requires a key condition that your team has the skills, and the desire to make improvements to the production process.

With the right set of tools, your team is now equipped to measure current happenings, and identify areas to improve performance.

Digitalization of Data Collection

The usage of real-time information has become increasingly common in underground mines. Tracking and monitoring personnel safety, monitoring and tracking equipment, monitoring ventilation must be taken beyond conventional methods today.

One way to do this is by using sensors. Internet of Things or IoT devices are smart, affordable devices fitted with sensors that capture data. There are various sensors for various types of data. The data captured is sent in real-time to the control center.

Paper based inspections must move to digital inspections. Smartphones and tablets can be used to capture more data such as operational checklists, inspections, and others.

Enabling technologies have advanced significantly to a point where it has now become highly cost effective to implement all of these ideas.

Digitalization of Production Scheduling

Short interval control is primarily focused on production control. As discussed earlier, while there is a standard for the manufacturing industry, a standard is yet to be defined for the mining industry.

In essence, a digitized short interval control enables the creation of a super fast feedback loop on the production tracking against expected production at short intervals. This is made possible using a multitude of interconnected seamless technology pieces working together to manage and track production.

While a standard short interval control system has been used in mining for many years now, the core benefit of digitizing production control is to improve the speed at which production can be tracked, and consequently (automatically) matched to expectations.

Digitization of production control requires a cutting-edge scheduling system that:

  • Imports your mining long range schedule and “tunable parameters” from your production plan.
  • A capability matrix that identifies skill and effectiveness index, identifies and matches operator to the most effective equipment, creates shift task lists for supervisors to review and dispatch.
  • Is integrated with KPIs and reports to allow supervisors, operations managers and management to get insights and facilitate optimization as required.

Digitalization or digitization is about bringing operators and supervisors closer to understanding where the entire mine stands with respect to overall goals for the day, week, month, and the year.

Technically, operators or supervisors in a mine must be able to view their production targets and completed targets. Modern technology such as mobile apps allow the capturing and reporting of this information seamlessly. Examples of these distinct interfaces are below (from our mining fleet management software, groundHog)

Here are some interfaces for a Loader, Jumbo, Haul truck, Bolter and others. Note how easy it is for operators to know their shift targets, and also report their progress in real-time to the operations command center.

In the past, technology platform changes have often been quite expensive, and in some cases very risky. Moreover, the learning curve to on-board personnel to these platforms was usually quite steep and expensive.

Today, technology has advanced rapidly in the last decade, and all of the technologies discussed in this article are very affordable to implement.

For example, IoT devices such as sensors are less than a few dollars, these capture data and send them to any computer or device of choice. Advancements in mobile technology has made smartphones and tablets with powerful computing capabilities affordable for large scale implementations.

A great user experiences in such digital short interval control solutions also reduce the amount of time it takes to on-board your staff to this platform. A mobile application for reporting is also a great companion to radio communication elevating the culture of being live and up to date.

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