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College Admission Essay Lesson Plans

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Lesson Plan

This presentation focuses on writing college application essays. It covers the role the essay plays in the college application, what admissions officers are looking for in an applicant, and writing tips to help the student convey who they are to colleges and scholarships. This session includes time for students to brainstorm essay topics and begin their writing process.
This presentation offers options to students who didn’t get into or can’t afford their preferred school so that they can still achieve their educational goals even if their plan to get there has to change.
Second in the Student Loan Series, intended for individuals close to or in their repayment process. This presentation reviews the borrower’s rights and responsibilities, discusses the different repayment options and terms associated with each, and provides strategies and resources for the student considering repayment options or coming out of delinquency or default.
First in the Student Loan Series, intended for individuals considering borrowing. This presentation prepares students to understand the rights and responsibilities of a borrower by explaining the different types of student loans, discussing responsible borrowing, and introducing potential repayment options.
Learn how to successfully make the transition from high school to college. This presentation discusses living situations on and off campus, budgeting techniques to ensure financial aid lasts, study strategies, what to expect from the first year of college and where to turn for help when things do not go as planned.
This presentation discusses how scholarships fit into the world of financial aid and covers strategies students can adopt for researching, organizing, applying for and winning them.
This presentation Introduces students to four easy-to-remember college planning steps. It is designed to motivate and excite students about attending college by giving a general overview of the things they can do now to make their college dreams come true. Interactive and fun, this presentation uses games and activities to get students pumped up about postsecondary education.


As students finish coming up with stories I ask them to share one of their boxes on the board. This keeps the students who are finished early busy for a little while longer, and helps the struggling students get some ideas from their classmates.  

Once students have finished filling in their boxes we look at the composite of six students on the board and treat it as one student.  

I then talk to students about the similarities and differences between different boxes and ask for suggestions to combine like stories. 

Students are beginning to understand how these six boxes could become a resource for many stories, which could turn into personal statements. Stories they did not think were all that relevant or important take on the potential of significance.  The story about dirt bikes?  A story about perseverance. The one about helping a stranded motorist: an example of personal character.  The point here is that students are skimming through their rolodex of memories and pulling stories they think represent then as they are. And they aren't stopping to ponder, they are merely writing down short events or episodes as they think of them.

We then look at the handout which offers suggestions for writing personal statements. We discuss the do's and don'ts and then I ask the students to partner up and share their boxes with each other.  Then I ask them make suggestions as to which stories to write about or to combine into other stories. 

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