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Extended Essay Examples Geography Games

Writing a Geography Extended Essay
Local - Accessible - Passionate
If you are considering undertaking an extended essay in geography you should be aware that the following basic requirements apply in order to be successful.

  • Should be applied at a local scale. (Not necessarily Manila).
  • Required to be Narrowly Focused.
  • Collection of high-quality data is essential.
Should include student generated maps, diagrams and data visuals.

Scale & Focus:
Investigations carried out at a local scale usually score the highest marks. This narrow focus discourages an over reliance on published materials and encourages original research. Essays conducted in an area that is familiar and accessible to the student have a much greater chance of achieving success through a more personal involvement, which, in turn, encourages a greater in-depth study.

Data Collection:
A sound methodology including the collection of high-quality data is the foundation of a good geography essay. Good data gives the student the scope for the type of in-depth analysis that characterizes the very best pieces of work. It is rare for an essay that is based entirely on published textbooks to score highly.

Maps and visuals:
It is essential that a geography extended essay is supported by appropriate methods for illustrating information/data, such as diagrams, sketch maps, tables and graphs.

Geographic Terminology:
Geographical terminology and vocabulary must be used accurately and appropriately throughout the essay. It is important to adopt an objective style that avoids lengthy personal statements and opinions, and that communicates geographical information and ideas in a clear and precise manner.

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I'm currently doing a world studies EE, within the subjects of biology and geography. I have chosen the topic to be on shark finning. My research question is "How detrimental is the decline in sharks due to finning affecting the global economy and the ocean’s ecosystem?" Unfortunately, my teacher just had a baby, so she is not able to attend school often and I have not been able to get much help.

I have started researching into the biological impacts as a result of shark finning and the cultural influence that is driving the shark finning industry (shark fin soup and for medicine). However, I have not really touched on the geography aspect of the topic as I am confused on what to do. What can I research that will include something geography related? Additionally, are there any ways I can collect primary data on this topic? And how can I incorporate it into my essay?

The essay draft is due on September 18, but I work very slow and procrastinate loads, so I need

Furthermore, I was wondering if I needed to include an abstract for my EE. Is it the same as writing an introduction?

Thank you!

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