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Level Discursive Essay

A List Of Top 20 Discursive Essay Topics To Choose From

A discursive essay is otherwise called a persuasive essay. It is a type of essay where the writer chooses one side of the discussion and defends it through the whole discussion. When writing such essays, the writer is required to clearly state the side he or she is supporting before staring the discussion. Selecting a topic for such an essay requires carefulness since the topic needs to have both sides defendable. It is advisable that one should not choose topics that have too obvious answers as such will not elicit an argument.

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The following are examples of such topics.

  1. Having too much money does more harm than good.
  2. Teenagers should be taken through parenting classes before they enter into marriage.
  3. Specialization should begin from high school not in the university.
  4. Parents should motivate their children with gifts when they get good grades.
  5. School going children should be give less homework and do the rest of the work in school.
  6. Magazine advertisements are a great source of unhealthy information to children.
  7. There should be more women in power.
  8. All students in all institutions should wear uniforms
  9. Of all the two parents’ one of them should have a job to work from home.
  10. There should increase in the level of sex education in all schools.
  11. Medical experiments on animals are cruel and should be abolished.
  12. All single sex colleges should be banished.
  13. Teachers should be the most highly paid in the society
  14. Those abandoning their pets or any domestic animals should be jailed.
  15. Etiquette should be emphasized in all curriculums.
  16. A free speech should have limitations.
  17. Internet access should be restricted to people of a certain age.
  18. Parents should be concerned on the type of food children eat.
  19. Video games have an educational value.
  20. Beauty contests should be banned.
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A discursive essay, like most essays, should begin with an introduction and end with a conclusion. You can either talk about a topic neutrally, showing both the pros and cons, or you can argue for or against.

If your essay is of the latter type, a basic structure would be to start with an introduction, then a paragraph for each of your points. So you would have your introductory paragraph, then the following paragraph would be, for example, 'the death penalty is wrong because there is a risk that innocent people will be killed', then you would show evidence for this, such as the famous case of Timothy Evans. Therefore the structure of the paragraph itself should be -topic sentence/summary of point + evidence. You would then do this for 2 or 3 arguments. You should state the point you are arguing at the start of the paragraph (topic sentence) so it is easier for the reader to know what the paragraph will be about and allow your argument to flow better. 

However, to create a discursive essay of a high standard, you will want to include arguments that oppose yours and then undermine them with evidence. You are including other opinions or options then countering them to strengthen your argument. The structure of this paragraph is similar, you present the opposing argument and then evidence against it -summary of point + evidence. 

The conclusion should not include any new information and should simply reiterate your arguments and wrap up the essay.

The end result will look something like this:


Argument/Point 1 + Evidence

Argument/Point 2 + Evidence 

Argument/Point 3 + Evidence

Opposing Argument + Counter Evidence 


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