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Subject Matter Of Labour Economics Essays

Topics in Labor Economics:

Economics of Life, Gender, Race, Class and Family



During the past half century, Americans have observed dramatic increases in female labor force participation rates, delayed marriage, increased divorce rates, reduced fertility rates, and increased longevity.In this study, we will examine the economic experiences of women, men, and racial and ethnic minorities in the United States. Economic analysis will be used to assess the causes and consequences of gender and racial differences in wealth, occupations, earnings, labor force participation, social networks, and economic mobility. We will become familiar with economic theories that explain discrimination, marriage, fertility and family decision making.Using the tools developed in this study, we will analyze the implications of various actual and proposed public policies.This course assumes no prior background in economics, so some time will be devoted to basic economic concepts.



Blau, Ferber, Winkler. The Economics of Women, Men and Work, Pearson Prentice Hall ( 5th , or 4th edition),5th edition ISBN: 0131877828, 4th edition ISBN: 013090922X. Cheap on www.abe.com.All other readings are online, links below.

Course Outline, Readings, HWs


1.      Incentives in life

Assignment: read BFW ch.1-2 (no appendix) + links below + HW1

Concepts:economics, choices, incentives, opportunity costs, rational behavior, costs and benefits, graphs

Scarcity & Choice - youtube

Graph review - youtube

Opportunity Cost - youtube

Lecture on Scarcity from AmosWeb, read all 5 units

Narrated PowerPoint Slides, opportunity costs

Absolute and Comparative Advantage- youtube

Getting The Most Out Of WORKING WOMEN – Pedestrian guide to economics

Women and Work in 1950s

Women in the Labor Force in 2008 – facts from Dept of Labor

Graphic: America by the Numbers – NYT

For Young Earners in Big City, a Gap in Women’s Favor- NYTimes

Slides: Introduction,Homework 1

2.      How are prices determined? How are wages set?

read BFW appendix to Ch.1 + links below

Concepts: markets,supply and demand, equilibrium, price controls, minimum wage

Demand - youtube

Change in Demand vs Change in Quantity Demanded - youtube

Supply - youtube

Market Equilibrium - youtube

Equilibrium, surplus, shortage in 60 sec- youtube

Shifts in Supply and Demand in 60 sec - youtube

Amos web Macro Course –read “The Market“

Supply and Demand video from Addison-Wesley

Price Floors and Price Ceilings - youtube

Price controls in 60 sec - youtube

Labor market and minimum wage - youtube

Ripple Effects of Raising the Minimum Wage

Characteristics of Minimum Wage Workers - DOL

Minimum Wages in America – by state

Minimum Wages – Encyclopedia of Economics

Minimum Wage Issue Guide (Economic Policy Institute)

Slides : Price Determination Homework 2

3.       Why are wages different?

read BFW ch.5+ links below + HW3

Concepts:labor market, wage differentials, labor unions, occupational segregation

Wages, Earnings, and Benefits – hourly wages by state and occupation, Bureau of Labor Statistics.

http://www.dol.gov/ - more info on wages, work hours, etc from the Dept of Labor

Databook on women in the labor force

http://www.epi.org/- Labor market issues at Economic Policy Institute

Perfectly competitive labor market and firm - youtube

For Women, a Slow Narrowing of the Pay Gap – NYTimes

Gender Gap – Encyclopedia of Economics

Gender gap explained

Global Gender Gap Report 2007 – book in pdf.

Occupational segregation -from Women’s Media

Gender wage differential – Multinational monitor

Those Astronomical ATHLETE SALARIES

Sports and Wages – Encyclopedia of Economics

How Superstars’ Pay Stifles Everyone Else – NYTimes

Comparable Worthby June Ellenoff O'Neill

Wages and Working Conditions – Encyclopedia of Economics

Job Safety – Encyclopedia of Economics

Labor Unions – Encyclopedia of Economics

Narrated slides: Unions

Body Fat And Wages - Economists’ blog

Marriage premium for men. – from The Regional Economist

Slides: Wage DeterminationHomework 3

4.      Marriage and divorce

Assignment: BFW ch.3 (no appendix)+ links below + HW3

Concepts: specialization, comparative advantage, economies of scale, bargaining, transaction costs, household production

US population marriage statistics

Marriage and the Market – economists’ view

Stephanie Coontz, Marriage: A History, Chapter 1

Tim Harford, The Economics of Marriage- Slate

Tim Harford, Divorce Is Good for Women- Slate

Matrimony Has Its Benefits, and Divorce Has a Lot to Do With That- NYTimes

Polygamy and the Marriage Market: Who Would Have the Upper Hand? -NYTimes

Why Are There So Many Single Americans?– NYTimes

Facing Middle Age With No Degree, and No Wife– NYTimes

Ask not what you can do for marriage; ask what marriage can do for your bottom line– NYTimes on male marriage premium

It's Her Job Too Lorna Wendt's $20 million divorce case is the shot heard 'round the water cooler. – value of household production

Labor force participation and marriage market in the US, by Grossbard

David Friedman Law's Order: What Economics Has to Do With Law and Why It Matters" , Ch 13

The national marriage project at U. of Virginia- hot issues, recent reports

www.unmarried.org – anti-marriage project

Things you didn't know about marriage and relationships- blog

Is Marriage Good for Your Health?- NYTimes

Marriage As A Business Proposal

More Men Marrying Wealthier Women – NYTimes

The rise of wives – Pew Research Center

Who Knew I Was Not the Father?- NYTimes

Wedded to Work, and in Dire Need of a Wife- NYTimes

Slides for Economics of Family, Marriage and Divorce ,Homework 4

5.      Jobs R us.To work or not to work?

read BFW ch.4+ links below + HW4

Concepts: labor force participation, unemployment rate, labor supply, budget constraint, income and substitution effect

Types of Unemployment- youtube

Unemployment by Lawrence H. Summers

Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2010-11 Edition

NYTimes, Nov. 1, 2007 "Life's Work: The Feminine Critique"

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, American Time Use Survey (ATUS), Tables 1-3

ECONOMIC SCENE; Still Waiting for the Future of Leisure to Arrive– NYTimes

Employment status of the civilian noninstitutional population 16 years and over by sex, 1970s to date - pdf

S. Dubner and S. Levitt, “Freakonomics: Laid-Back Labor,” NY Times, May 6, 2007.

·         Goldin, The quiet Revolution that Transformed Women’s Employment, Education and Family, American Economic Review, 2006- log in

·         Aguiar and Hurst, Measuring Trends in Leisure: Allocation of Time over 5 Decades, 2006

·         Stone, Lovejoy. Fast-Track Women and the "Choice" to Stay Home, 2004

·         Goldin, The Long Road to the Fast Track: Career and Family

Slides : Time Allocation,Homework 5

6.      Human capital: what’s education good for?

Assignment: BFW Ch.6 + links below + HW6

Concepts:present value, human capital, educ investment, discrimination, age-earnings profile, general and specific training

The Achievement Gap – Forbes

Herbert Stei, the disparity between men's and women's pay.- Slate

ECONOMIC SCENE; A Diploma's Worth? Ask Her 

Study Says Education Gap Could Further Limit Poor

Whats Behind the Gender Gap in Education? - Freakonomics - Opinion

Costs And Returns In Higher Education

Education wage premium estimates

Scientists are Made, Not Born,NY Times, 2005.

Declining Value of a College Degree – WSJ

Human Capital – Encyclopedia of Economics

A Surprising Secret to a Long Life: Stay in School

I Like Me – instructor’s gender influences grades, Borjas’ blog

9/22/08 Inside Higher Education"New Questions on Women, Academe, and Careers

Discounting Future Income and Present Value –learn to calculate present value

 Slides : Human Capital Homework 6

7.      Labor Market Discrimination

Assignment: BFW ch.7 + links below + HW7

Narrated PowerPoint Slides: Economics of Race and Sex Discrimination – turn on your volume

Are Women Earning More Than Men? - Forbes

Are Women Happy Under the Glass Ceiling?- Forbes

The Feminine Critique- NYTimes

Discrimination– Encyclopedia of Economics

Despite the Dumb Jokes, Stereotypes May Reflect Some Smart Choices- NYTimes

Landsburg, why blacks earn less than whites do.- Slate

Tim Harford, societies are hard-wired to tolerate income equality- Slate

Tim Harford,Amazing Racism  - Slate

What Do You Have Against DISCRIMINATION?

Freakonomics reading – doc file, read about causes and consequences of distinctly black names, skip the rest

Black-White Income Divergence

R.Frayer, Acting White.Education Next

Racial Discrimination In The NBA

Race and ethnicity research- EPI

Slides : DiscriminationHomework 7

8.      Recent Trends in Labor Markets, Gays, Family, Fertility

Assignment: BFW ch.8+ch.9 + links below + HW8

Opening the On-Ramp for Women- NYTimes

The 100 Most Powerful Women– Forbes

The End of Men - Magazine - The Atlantic

Time Magazine, July 26, 2007 "Myth About Boys"

Tim Harford, how fertility advances could allow women to take over the boardroom.

Population– Encyclopedia of Economics

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