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Critical Thinking Presentation Hum 111

2 Will Receiving A College Degree Improve Your Career Opportunities? People have always wondered if it would really be worth it to get a college degree or to just settle for the everyday job and live paycheck to paycheck. Then again you also have to look at if you were to attend college you would also have to not only designate the time which would more than likely be about four years but the cost to attend as well which very much may be your paycheck. There are always going to be positives and negatives to getting a college degree to better your career but as some reports have stated “Some graduates have difficulty finding jobs, employers report a shortage of good graduates. They no longer select graduates solely on the basis of a good degree and a pleasant personality. They look for work related skills.” Some jobs no longer are looking at the degrees and are looking more for the work experiences. So here is an example of where getting a college degree may not improve your career opportunities. I then decided to do a little more research to see if there are some people who have actually

Unformatted text preview: The best way to handle this barrier is to be able to realize the hold certain objects may have over our ability to think critically and to not be placed in a situation that requires clear thinking when faced with those objects. Depression Depression can become a barrier because a person’s mood can influence how clearly they think about a situation. When a person is depressed, they will take a bad situation and “blow it out of proportion” over-exaggerating the bad side while minimizing anything positive about it. If someone suffers from a serious case of depression, they should seek psychological and medical help and they should not make any major decisions until their depression has lifted. One good way to help fight depression is to exercise. And not only does this help our mental well-being, but it helps our physical well-being as well....
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